Buying and Shipping

GMD Detectors® a global leader company in the field of metals, gold and groundwater detection devices, we always proud to offer our dear customers from around the world, the latest and greatest collection of diverse devices for prospectors the amateurs and professional alike. With wide options that fit with the potential and the needs and desires of the customer at competitive and unprecedented prices.

Our company is an authorized and licensed agent & distributor of major German and US and Turkish international companies involved in the detection and exploration for gold , precious metals , treasures , burials and monuments devices , and we are pleased to always offer through these companies most memorable and successful and exclusive devices.

Our dear customers… to get and gain your dear trust , our company is pleased to provide everything you need and meets the your wishes like best sales and shipping services with a special offers on the most powerful machines and their accessories and prices … We wish you luck and plentiful profit with our devices and our products, and we are always pleased to be at your good opinion.

Purchase and after-Sales Services

Our dear customers with your contact with the sales department, you can easily learn all the detailed information about any device and its price and the method of purchase and payment and receipt Dear customers you can buy one of our products or our devices via the following methods:

First Method :

By visiting the company, the customer can see and preview the available devices in our gallery , and choose the left device for him, we offer to our customers live and practical experience of most of the devices with the training on left way of device’ use with the correct advice about the most appropriate device to their needs and potentials to ensure providing the best services.

In this case, the customer can receive his machine directly from the gallery and can pay cash and we provide him in this case with purchase invoice in his name including all purchase information (name – phone number – Address – List of purchased devices – Purchased devices serial numbers – Prices)

Or the customer can choose to ship the device to his own country and in this case the device is shipped freely using our company account with one of the shipping companies without any additional costs or burdens on the customer.

Second Method :

After the client communicate with the international sales department via telephone or e-mail and choosing the device to be purchased and the purchase process confirmation .the Sales Department will send initial purchasing invoice to the e-mail address of the client including all the information (device and product name – quantity – the price – the final value of the bill after discount – shipping costs if any – company’s bank account information)

With the confirmation of the purchase by the customer by confirming the payment process by transferring the value of the invoice to our bank account, we package the device and ship it the same day across one of the famous worldwide shipping companies, and we provide the client with the shipment number to be follow-up and ensure the delivery of the device to the customer’s address within a few days depending on the country.

We also offer after-sales continuous communication services with the customer, and confirm to ensure the product works properly and help him in any inquiry about the device and its accessories and any other options, as well as continuing to connect with customers and inform them about the recent developments or any updates have taken place on the existing products.

Purchase and after-Sales Services

Our company ships its devices and products across the world’s largest shipping companies to all European, African and Middle East countries, and all over the world to guarantee the arrival of our devices to our dear customers with ease and in the best status and as soon as possible.

The shipping department in our company after confirming the contents of the shipment encapsulates the products purchased by customers with the latest and the best methods in the products packaging, to fully maintain the products intact, to deliver it to the hands of our customers without any fractures or damage or deficiency.

Our company is responsible for shipping the product and the client does not bear anything that occurs to the shipment, also we make sure to maintain the minute deadlines in the delivery of the shipment to the customer in accordance with the specified time, we also provide the client with a special shipment number, and he can track his shipment through the website of the shipping company.

Our company also offers a payment on delivery service directly through authorized distributors in many Arabic and foreign countries to make sure you secure your lefts and easy access to our outstanding products.

We take attention to our dear customers that our company policy based on the principle of maintaining the client’s privacy and confidentiality of deal, and we will not provide any third party with any private information about the customer, in order to guarantee not assigned to any legal or financial consequences.

Technical Support and Maintenance Services

GMD Detectors® are pleased to offers you the most powerful free technical support services, where the technical support team will be pleased to answer any queries or questions about any device or product to be sold through the company or one of our distributors and we are ready to serve you at any time throughout the week

You can communicate with the technical support team through one of the following means :

Connect directly via phone through our numbers on our website.
Via e-mail address at: [email protected]
Whatsapp or Viber on number : 0097466575294
Communicate with us by commenting, sharing, chat via our social media accounts (Facebook – Twitter – YouTube …etc.)
Chat with a technical support team on our website, we are available to answer your queries at any time.

Maintenance Services :

Our company also provides maintenance services for most types of devices in case it undergone any electronic malfunction.
Product fixing is responsibility of our company in case of any natural electronic malfunction and we does not take responsibility for failures that you get as a result of misuse or in the case of a product dropping or broken by the client. Note that we fix the products that are exposed to damage as a result of misuse and provide replacement pieces to damaged pieces at nominal wages.
We can also provide accessories and spare parts for most types of devices and products with premium prices.